Secure on-site E-cycling cage


Greentek Recycling is offering a unique solution to corporate and small business electronics recycling needs. Our secure cage service provides your company secure and simple electronics recycling and data security solutions simultaneously. Your electronic equipment remains locked until it reaches our secure facility for triage.

Greentek Recycling will give you a cage and lock and will show you how to use your secure cage. Once the cage is full, you schedule a pickup online or by phone and we will swap your cage with an empty unit. After picking up your cage you will receive an itemized report and certificate of destruction and recycling.

Affordable pricing and flexible scheduling!

-Simple, call in style system makes this a flexible e-cycling solution for your company

-Contact us via phone or with the link below to discuss pricing options and applicable fees*

*Pick up fees, data destruction fees, and CRT monitor recycling fees apply



Thanks for choosing to recycle with Greentek!

We recycle all electronics for free!
The only exceptions are: TVs ($10 fee); CRT monitors ($10 fee); Hard drives ($3 fee).

Stop by or schedule a pickup today!

Effective 1/9/17