Electronic Scrap Purchasing For Recycling Companies


Allow Greentek to be your choice when selling your electronics scrap inventory, whether it be non-ferrous metal scrap, circuit boards, RAM, specialty boards, whole PC towers or ANY type of e-waste. We will meet or exceed your expectations, every time. Electronics scrap purchasing is available nationwide.

With state of the art processing equipment and proprietary processing methods, we guarantee our ability to unlock maximum value from your e-scrap commodities. 


    Long-Term Support

    With years of experience specializing in electronics recycling - GRS understands the complexities of the material and it by products. By offering our partners on-going support and training, including onsite training on processing, sorting, and packaging, we will ensure you are getting the highest value for your materials. We are excited to build long-term relationships while providing superior support for our strategic partners.

    We purchase all volumes of electronic scrap from collectors, processors, and recyclers. We can accept items both processed and un-processed, including computers, circuit boards, components, memory and processors, printers, consumer grade E-scrap and more. All of your material will be processed in house at one of our facilities.

    Environmental Stewardship

    GRS is working towards becoming an ISO 14001 certified recycler, meaning we abide by the most stringent environmental requirements. We employ a re-use before recycle methodology. When recycling is the route, we recover 100% of your equipment’s raw commodities, including the metals, circuit boards and even plastics to be recycled and prepared for manufacturing.

    Logistics and Transportation

    GRS has experience when it comes to logistics, weather FTL or LTL, we can provide cost effective shipping solutions that are custom tailored to fit our clients warehousing and cash flow needs. With a fleet of two freightliners and 53’ trailers we are well equipped to handle your material. We also have a strategic partnership with a logistics firm to handle LTL for our customers.

    Pricing and Payment

    GRS takes pride in our ability to maintain competitive pricing for our clients processed and unprocessed E-scrap commodities. We have a diverse network of raw materials consumers allowing us to handle your non-ferrous and E-scrap commodities, making us a true “one-stop-shop” partner when looking to unload your E-scrap inventory. We always provide fast payment with negotiable terms that suit our client’s needs.


Thanks for choosing to recycle with Greentek.

We are excited to announce we are now BlueSky Solutions!

Same great company, with expanded electronics recycling capabilities.

Please visit our new website: www.blueskysolutions.us

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