Public Recycling Services and Fees

Free Recycling Services Include

  • Recycling all electronic devices (With exceptions to televisions and CRT monitors)
  • Recycling all home appliances (refrigerator / washing machine / etc.)
  • Recycling all metal scrap

Charge Recycling Services Include

Television Recycling
  • $10.00/ CRT TV & rear projection TV
  • $40.00 / wooden case TV
CRT monitor recycling
  • $10.00/CRT monitor
Alkaline household batteries
  • $10 / zip lock bag or small amount
Flights of stairs during removal
  • $30.00/flight of stairs*

*Only applicable during pick up / haul away services

Pick Up Fees: 

  • $2 per mile (roundtrip)
  • Example: Pickup located 10 miles away from Greentek.  Total roundtrip distance is 20 miles.  At $2/mi, the total cost for pickup and removal is $40 (this does not include additional data destruction or CRT fees, if applicable).

Data Destruction Services (Charge):

Hard Drive Wipe or Shred
  • $3.00/HD

Thanks for choosing to recycle with Greentek!

We recycle all electronics for free!
The only exceptions are: TVs ($10 fee); CRT monitors ($10 fee); Hard drives ($3 fee).

Stop by or schedule a pickup today!

Effective 1/9/17