IT Asset Management

IT asset management services are the perfect path for clients with large lots of overstock equipment, tested working equipment pulls, and new equipment unable to yet be deployed. Swift changes in computer and wireless technologies have led to a shorter life span on today’s electronics and the pace of development of replacement technology is accelerating. We provide professional de-installation and equipment removal services in addition to a breadth of other services.

GRS’s Asset Management services allows clients to generate higher return on assets for items that can be re-used and resold to our list of certified buyers. Our expert technicians will record, test, and sanitize all equipment processed under the Asset Management Division. 


    Data Security

    Our client’s data security is our number one priority, period. Hard drive disks are physically destroyed or wiped to NAID 'AAA' standards in our facility that is under 24 hour video surveillance. We are actively working towards becoming a National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D) Member. Our data destruction process is compliant with the standards of HIPAA, PCI, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Safeguards Rule. Your company will receive a certificate of data destruction with each load we handle.

    Environmental Stewardship

    GRS’ is working towards becoming an ISO 14001 certified, meaning we abide by the most stringent environmental requirements. We employ a re-use before recycle methodology. When recycling is the route, we recover your equipment’s raw commodities, including the metals, circuit boards and even plastics to be recycled and prepared for manufacturing.

    Secure and Convenient Removal and Pick-ups

    At GRS, we make sure that pickup and transport is as secure and easy as possible for our customers. We will work with your company to arrange full service pick-up and secure transportation that is easy and convenient for you. Whether a pickup for a single device or a tractor-trailer load of equipment, we can handle the job. Our drivers are courteous and professional, and our trucks always deliver directly to our secure facility. You can rest assured that your equipment will never be left unattended.

    Re-use and Revenue Sharing

    GRS understands that new electronic equipment is very expensive. Our goal is to maximize the return on investment for our clients. With our expert technicians, were able to ensure you’ll get maximum value for your used equipment. If we can resell your sterile (no more data) equipment, we will pay you a percentage of the sale price.

    Certified Recycling

    When choosing a partner for your recycling needs, start by asking; Are you certified? At Greentek, the answer is yes. We are actively working towards becoming a certified electronics recycler under R2. R2 is the set of “Responsible Recycling” standards that was developed by industry, governments, recyclers, environmentalists, refurbishers, and non-profits under the direction of the EPA. GRS. GRS is also actively working towards other third-party certifications for environmental management (ISO 14001) and employee health and safety (OHSAS 18001).  What does this mean for you? It means you’re working with a company that goes above and beyond to protect workers’ health and safety, and the environment. Our commitment to responsible practices makes Greentek a partner you can trust.


    With years of experience handling end of life IT scrap, we ensure proper reporting and accounting techniques take place. From serialized asset reports to annual tonnage reports, we can provide any data you need. This service is part of our overall business model and is structured based on our client’s request.


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