Data Destruction in Charlotte, NC

Greentek provides data destruction services both on-site and at our 24-hour video monitored secure facility.  All data destruciton equipment is located in Greentek’s data destruction room, which is under 24-hr video surveillance and only accessible with a key that must be signed out with our office manager.  

We use an Ameri-Shred shredder (300 series). This machine is designed to shred hard drives and other electronic devices into unusable pieces to ensure any information cannot be retrieved.

Our other data destruction option is the XZ-Tower (XZ-T), a hard drive wiper that can sanitize up to 8 hard times simultaneously at 24 GB/min.  The XZ-T has a 7-pass wipe mode that is up to Department of Defense standards.  Using the XZ-T to securely sanitize hard drives it allows for safe reuse and total protection of client’s information.

The Destroyinator is the ideal machine for secure data destruction.  It can sanitize up to 45 drives simultaneously using the KillDisk software.  KillDisk is Department of Defense compliant (DoD 5220.22 M compliant) and destroys all data on hard drives making it impossible to recover deleted files and folders.  Customized certificates with each hard drives’ serial number are displayed after each wipe completion. 




    Data Security

    Our client’s data security is our number one priority, period. Hard drive disks are physically destroyed or wiped to NAID 'AAA' standards in our facility that is under 24-hour video surveillance. We are actively working towards becoming a National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D) Member. Our data destruction process is compliant with the standards of HIPAA, PCI, and Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act, Safeguards Rule.


    GRS will always provide your company with a certificate of data destruction with each load we handle. This document provides priceless peace of mind. You will also recieve a load summary and your hard drives can be documented by serial number as they are destroyed as well. Ensure your company and clients are safe by allowing Greentek to be your data destruction partner. We are actively working towards becoming a National Association of Information Destruction (N.A.I.D) Member.

    Environmental Stewardship

    GRS is actively working towards becoming an ISO 14001 certified recycler, meaning we abide by the most stringent environmental requirements. We employ a re-use before recycle methodology. When recycling is the route, we recover your equipment’s raw commodities, including the metals, circuit boards and even plastics to be recycled and prepared for manufacturing.

    Secure and Convenient Pick-ups

    At GRS, we make sure that pickup and transport is as secure and easy as possible for our customers. We will work with your company to arrange full service pick-up and secure transportation that is easy and convenient for you. Whether a pickup for a single device or a tractor-trailer load of equipment, we can handle the job. Our drivers are courteous and professional, and our trucks always deliver directly to our secure facility. You can rest assured that your equipment will never be left unattended.


    GRS provides cost effective data destruction services. We provide shredding and wiping at only $3.00 per hard drive disk, no questions asked. Whether your hard drives are still inside of equipment, or loose with your load of e-scrap, you can count on GRS to provide you with peace of mind by providing maximum data security.


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