Electronics Recycling Fundraising Event


Greentek can help your school or non-profit organization raise well deserved funds. By hosting e-waste recycling events for schools, school sports teams and activity groups we have been able to raise significant funding in a short amount of time.

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Environmental Benefits

•All materials not deemed refurbish-able are responsibly recycled right here in North Carolina to stringent environmental regulations. No items are shipped overseas or end up in the landfill.

Financial Benefits

• Compensation: $0.05 per pound of qualifying items*.

• There is no charge to you for any service provided (trucks, workers, pallets and equipment, etc.)

 *(Qualifying  items are: Desktops, laptops, servers, smartphones, tablets, consumer grade electronics, peripherals, wire, printers, fax machines, flat screen monitor/TV, battery backup/UPs, metal racking and consumer appliances)

Data Security Benefits:

• All hard drives are recovered from equipment and physically shredded to ensure security of all confidential information. Each time a community member drops any equipment that has a hard drive disk, we issue them a certificate of hard drive destruction on site. There is NO ADDED COST to this.


• $10.00 per CRT/rear projection television & CRT computer monitors

• $40.00 per wooden case television

(These charges will help us with the high costs associated with proper television and CRT recycling practices. We will have a debit/credit card reader on site for easy payment, and can accept cash as well.)

Logistical and Management Benefits

• Greentek provides staff, trucks, pallets, boxes and two banners to ensure a smooth and successful event.

• Greentek will dedicate an account manager to every event to oversee and ensure the success of the event. 

What is needed for a successful event?

• A large car park for the event.

• A high visibility street facing space to hang large signs in advance of the event.

• Extensive distribution of fliers, posters, signs, email blasts, etc.

• Community/School announcements.

• A team of 4-6 volunteers to assist with traffic management on the day of the event.




Thanks for choosing to recycle with Greentek!

We recycle all electronics for free!
The only exceptions are: TVs ($10 fee); CRT monitors ($10 fee); Hard drives ($3 fee).

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Effective 1/9/17