• Secure Data Destruction

    We wipe hard drives using equipment that is up to Department of Defense standards. This allows for safe reuse and total protection of client’s data. ($3 fee per HD)

  • Secure Data Destruction

    We physically destroy hard drives, allowing for material recovery and total protection of client’s data. ($3 fee per HD)

  • Pick Up Services

    We provide convenient pick up services, which include removal and/or de-installation of IT equipment.

  • Public Drop Off

    Consumers can drop off their materials at our facility anytime during business hours. We will help you unload your materials and provide you with a service receipt.

  • Enterprise IT Asset Disposal

    Large corporations have large needs; we are able to handle any businesses’ recycling needs nationwide.

  • Free Recycling Services

    Our only fee items are tube TVs / CRT monitors ($10 charge) and hard drive destruction ($3 charge).


Greentek Recycling provides free, environmentally responsible electronics recycling and computer recycling solutions in Charlotte, North Carolina for Public consumers and businesses. We offer convenient at-your-door pick up services to compliment our free public drop-off facilities. We provide secure,  certified and affordable data destruction methods to put your mind at ease.


is to provide convenient, safe and secure electronics recycling and computer recycling solutions for public consumers and businesses to recycle used computers and electronics. We are one of the first electronics and computer recycling companies providing recycling services directly to public consumers...Come by your nearest Greentek drop off facility today.   

We value transparency: our Enivronmental Policy and Health & Safety Policy are available upon request.

Electronics Recycling, Done Right.